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I want to explore and discover the Alps fauna and flora

The mountain is a preseved area where nature reigns. Fauna and flora are protected and benefit from this unique environment. During the summer, you will be able to see plants, flowers and animals in best conditions a few meters away from our residences.

Protected areas

Nature is everywhere in the mountain. During your holidays you will have time to explore hiking trails that will immerse you in the most beautiful places. Among these remarkable places, some of them more fragile and wonderfulwere protected by humans in national and regional parks.

These parks concentrate a multitude of plants and flowers that you will be able to admire just by the wayside as well as thousands of animals living freely that you may have a chance to observe.

These parks like the Vanoise one are easy access from our residences in Champagny en Vanoise, Peisey-Vallandry, Tignes or Val Cenis.

Alls parks are subject to strict rules with respect to the environment that it is important to respect.
A remarkable fauna

By hiking in the Alpine uplands you will be at the front row to see manyanimal species living there. With or without binoculars, your children will be amazed to see woodchucks running in alpine pastures with their little ones. If you pay more attention you might see some chamois merging in the landscape with their light brown coat. Take a close look at the rocks where chamois often are. By climbing up you will easily meet some ibexes with their characteristic long horns.

In the air, make way to the king of sky, the eagle, that will fly over your head while searching for some rodents and small preys. The observation of a 2 meter wide eagle remains a rare and impressive moment. You will be very lucky to you see a bearded vulture which is even rarer to see.

Finally, you will be able to observe more fearful animals but just as beautiful like stoats, stags, foxes and many insects like butterflies, grasshoppers, caterpillars …
A unique flora

Plants, flowers and trees in the mountain evolve very quickly depending on the altitude. Thus it is particularly striking to note a strong presence of pines and spruces at medium altitude leaving space for alpine pastures and rocks at higher altitude.

When hiking do not hesitate to stop for a while to contemplate this vegetation so special in the Alps. You can see emblematic flowers like Edelweiss or lady's-slipperorchids.

These plants are also used by humans especially for their medicinal properties like lady's gloves (Digitalis purpurea) or the Arnica from the mountain. Others are used to prepare liqueurs. It is the case of the génépi or the gentian, ideal after a good meal.

CGH offers you ½ day of discovery of the moutain with a guide during you stay in the following residences * :

Le Napoléon, Les Chalets de Laÿssia, Le Hameau de Pierre Blanche, Le Chalet Les Marmottons, Les Cimes Blanches, Les Fermes de Sainte-Foy and Le Ruitor

* Offer valid on certain weeks depending on the residence

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