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Ski area / Ski resort

La Forêt Blanche
La Voie Lactée
L'Alpe d'Huez Grand Domaine
L'Alpe d'Huez
Le Domaine de Sainte-Foy
Sainte-Foy Tarentaise
Le Domaine des Aravis
Le Grand Bornand
Le domaine des Houches
Les Houches
Le Grand Domaine
Le Grand Massif
Les Carroz
Les 3 Vallées
Les Menuires
Les Portes du Soleil
Les Sybelles
La Toussuire
L'Espace Diamant
Les Saisies
L'Espace San Bernardo
La Rosière
Bourg Saint Maurice
Champagny en Vanoise
La Plagne
Tignes - Val d'Isère
Val Cenis Vanoise
Val Cenis


La Ferme du Val Claret
La Grange aux Fées
La Reine des Prés
La Villa Romana
Le Centaure
Le Chalet des Dolines
Le Chalet Les Marmottons
Le Coeur d'Or
Le Cristal de l'Alpe
Le Hameau de Pierre Blanche
Le Hameau du Beaufortain
Le Jhana
Le Kalinda
Le Lodge des Neiges
Le Lodge Hemera
Le Napoléon
Le Nevada
Le Ruitor
Le Télémark
Le Village de Lessy
Les Alpages de Champagny
Les Chalets d'Angèle
Les Chalets de Flambeau
Les Chalets de Jouvence
Les Chalets de Laÿssia
Les Chalets de Léana
Les Chalets du Soleil
Les Cimes Blanches
Les Clarines
Les Fermes de Sainte-Foy
Les Granges du Soleil
L'Orée des Cimes
L'Orée des Neiges
Panorama Vars 2000
White Pearl Lodge & Spa

Skiing tips

CGH has selected partners offering a wide choice of skis and snowboards, offering our guests a very complete offer that makes them access to state-of-the-art equipment, adapted to all levels and all types of practices.Renting its equipment with CGH is the opportunity to constantly test different types of gliding, but above all the assurance of having the model that will provide the greatest pleasure and the best sensations on the tracks.
Advantages Rental

Easy rental

With the reception of the material on the place of your stay.Peace and quiet with the possibility to reserve your equipment in advance.

Accompanied rental

A wide selection of skis and shoes with a clear classification and adapted to help you in your choice.
And the best of skiing

A state-of-the-art offering, among the latest market releases ensuring accessibility, tolerance and versatility.Equipment adapted to your tastes, your level and your favorite playgrounds.Skis and shoes maintained, ready to slide, controlled by professionals.

So that a day of powder can not turn into a wet and icy nightmare, it is enough to have the right equipment.If you want to enjoy your stay and go down the slopes, it is imperative to carefully choose your skis and find the ones that exactly match your level of practice.Here are some tips to help you in your quest.

Choosing your skis

The shorter the skis, the more manageable they are, the longer they are and the more stable they are.Therefore, a slalom player will rather opt for short skis and a person looking for speed will take longer skis.Beginners will take skis shorter than their size, by removing a few centimeters (5 to 10 cm), confirmed skiers will add 5 to 10 cm.

The more flexible a ski is, the easier it is to swivel, comfortable, reassuring ... so it is suitable for skiers or skiers learning or intermediate.
The stiffer it is, the more stable and incisive it is on hard snows and on steeper slopes.It will be less "easy" but will suit more experienced practitioners looking for more performance than comfort.

It is a sophisticated alloy of materials, wood, carbon, kevlar, glass fibers, synthetic composites that gives each ski its character.
Its shape, shape and width will determine the terrain (track or off-piste) for which it is intended.

Choosing your shoes

Shoes can sometimes be challenging and the choice of the shoe can sometimes be more important than that of the skis, here are some indications that will enable you to raise it.

An essential criteria for determining the characteristics of shoes.

The greater the volume of the shoe, the more comfortable the shoe will be, but it will lose precision.

Shoe size
Too narrow, carreful to the risk of compression, too wide, risk of sprains.

Try your shoes in the conditions closest to the actual practice.Do not hesitate to tighten the hooks and make movements back and forth to check if you feel comfortable.

In each category, comfort or performance, there are different volumes of feet and different rigidities of shoe, the main thing being to rent you the product that will match your morphology and your practice.

The choice of the right equipment does not dispense with good learning ... skiing need to be learn and the best way to progress and immediately enjoy yourself is to take courses taught by professionals who will advise you on the material that fits you.

Each ski level

Category Blue or Category A
Beginner or practice skiing for 1 or 2 weeks.
Snowplow and skidding on turns.Slow speed.

Category Red or Category B
Moderate speed on blue slopes.
First thrills on red slopes.

Category Black or Category C
Confident practice on red slopes and sustained speed.
Technical level in controlled turns.
Alpine skis
Looking for grip, precision and liveliness.
Freeride skis
You adore the deep snow and the steep corridors do not scare you.
All mountain skis
You want to discover new spaces.Mostly on the track and sometimes off-piste, you want to ski with ease.
Freestyle skis
Having style on snow is a priority for you.The snowpark is your favorite fasting ground.

The Adult category

The Blue skis are intended for skiers who discover skiing.From the first glides on gentle slopes to the first chills when approaching the first red slopes.With a high tolerance, they forgive the faults while offering sufficient technicity to safely approach the most accessible slopes.

Red skis offer a high-performance equipment for athletes looking for progress and technicality.Equipment that allows you to face the mountain and approach all types of terrain and snow with confidence and without effort.The guarantee of real sensations with maximum pleasure.

Black skis are intended for skiers who want to approach all terrain with more sensation (more precise steering, faster curves) This category includes skis specific to each ground and for each skier, from the most aggressive to skier seeking control and comfort.

The Snowboard category

For your first slides, you can gain confidence and start the first turns safely.You will also be able to stay on the track and do your first runs in the snow park of your ski resort.Offering effortless turns and unlimited possibilities, our red snowboards will allow you to progress and take your ride to the next level.

Riders more experienced, our black snowboards are perfect to fully exploit the terrain of your favorite ski resort.On track and off-piste, they will offer you a precise and balanced curve.In the snow park, thanks to the spatulas and symmetrical heels, you can change the direction of wrinkle very quickly and appreciate the perfect balance in the air in each trick.

The Junior category
Equipment suitable for young skiers who wish to progress and improve their technique.

BABY E / Mini Kid (0 to 6 years, max 120 cm): FUN AND EDUCATIONAL
For children from 0 to 6 years:
A material adapted to the future champions in their very first slides.Wearing the helmet is highly recommended.

JUNIOR BLUE J / Talent (7 to 13 years, max 160): CONTROL AND FUN
Kid blue skis are progressive and tolerant skis designed for progression.
This is the category that is suitable for children who have or have had their first snow experience.
Wearing the helmet is highly recommended.

JUNIOR RED J / Champion (7 to 13 years, max 160 cm): RIDE AND STYLE
Junior high-end ski offering more precision and performance.

This is the category that is suitable for children who have already got a 3rd star to progress technically and move towards greater speed control over all terrain.
Wearing the helmet is highly recommended.
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