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General Rental Conditions

Special Conditions of Sales

1 - Reservation

All reservations must be made with a deposit of 25% of the total amount of your lease including any ancillary services reserved at the same time.
100% of booking fees (20 € per booking for stays under 5 nights, and € 50 per stay over 5 nights).
This payment must be received within 5 business days after your folder creation (optional). After this time, your option will be cancelled.
Your reservation will be considered as final once a confirmation will have been sent from us (booking confirmations are sent by email).
Without our confirmation, your reservation can not be considered as final.
The full price of your rent and any additional services are due one month before the start of your stay.
In case of late booking, less than 35 days before arrival, the total amount will be claimed while making the booking.
If there is a remaining balance 30 days before arrival, CGH reserves the right to treat your booking as cancelled and apply the cancellation policy provided for this purpose and defined below.
Extra fees for any bank transfer or check drawn will be charged to the person reserving the stay and added to the amount of the reservation.

2 - Price

Our prices include taxes, accommodation, utilities (water, electricity, heating), excepted the local tax, payable on site. Optional services: our accommodation rates do not include additional optional services proposed in the brochure and on-site. In case of VAT increase, CGH reserves the right to apply this increase to the rates without any notice and will apply of new rates.

3 - Holiday Tax

The tax, collected on behalf of municipalities, is not included in our rates. The amount changes from a municipality to another. They are to be paid on site.

4 - Amendment / Cancellation of stay and additionnal services by the customer

In case of any cancellation or modification, you must notify us by email and send at the adress The receipt date will count as the modification or cancellation date.
Any date change will be considered as a cancellation and we will apply the cancellation fees listed below.

  • Over 30 days before the start of your stay, we retain € 50 application fee (plus the amount of the insurance that would have been subscribed at the time of the booking which is non-refundable).
  • Between 30 and 15 days before your arrival, we retain 25% of the total amount of your stay including ancillary services.
  • Between 14 and 8 days before your arrival, we retain 75% of the total amount of your stay including ancillary services.
  • Between 7 days and the day of your arrival, we retain 100% of the total stay including ancillary services.
  • If you do not show up on site for your stay, we retain 100% of the total stay including ancillary services.

5 - Arrival and departure

The keys are available from 5:00 pm the day of arrival. They must be returned by 9:00 am the day of departure.
For any late arrivals (after 8:00 pm), you must notify the residence by telephone to arrange your arrival to get the keys of your apartment.

6 - Deposit

Your stay in a residence: a 400 € deposit will be requested at arrival. It will be returned at the end of your stay after paying for services used on site and after deducting allowances for any damage if needed (after inventory verification between your arrival and your departure day).

7 - Animals

Pets are accepted with a rabies vaccination certificate (one pet maximum per apartment), by paying extra fees per animal per day. The price is posted in each residence. The payment for the animal is made while booking your stay.

8 - Rules

To make life easier during your vacation, internal regulations are available in each facility and we thank you for becoming acquainted and respecting them.
We point out that it is strictly forbidden to: take skis, ski boots, sledges and all ski equipment inside the apartments, on balconies or to hang laundry and clothing over the railings of the balconies. In case of these rules were not respected,, we reserve the right to charge a minimum fee of 150 € for damages. CGH do not take responsibility for forgotten items while leaving the rooms or apartments.

9 - Interruption of stay

An early departure will not lead to any refund.

10 - Modification of our programs

If circumstances compel us, and in case of events beyond our control or of force majeure , we reserve the right to change partially or totally our programs. (Total or partial closure of a site, common equipment type swimming pool, restaurant, beauty treatment area ...)
Terms of possible changes in programs: services and activities announced in connection with upgrading health services, delays of construction, services and activities advertised through on-site recreation, can be change without notice based on certain local requirements (cultural, sports, political events etc..) during which benefits will be no longer available.

11 - After sales - Claim

The person reserving has 48 hours after arrival to report in written form upon receipt of the institution any dispute regarding the description, quality or cleanliness of their homes.
After this period of time, CGH will not take into account any claim regarding the paragraph above.
The inclusion of any claims arising out of your stay must be the subject of a letter to our Reservations department (by registered letter with acknowledgment of delivery receipt, and a copy of your statement of dispute) within a maximum of one month after the end of your stay, so we can respond promptly.
Please also specify your reservation number, place and dates of your stay and the type of apartment booked in order to make the processing of your file easier.
In case of non-use of a prepaid service, attach a certificate from the site, justifying the non-use. No refunds will be given during your stay.
Please remember that CGH do not take responsibility for forgotten items while leaving the apartments.

12 - General and special conditions

Reserving one of our stays implies accepting our general and special conditions of sale. We present a general description and pictures of our apartments for guidance. Some apartments are equipped for disabled guests. For further information, do not hesitate to contact our Reservation Department. Let us also remind you that any request regarding a specific situation or orientation of an apartment is considered merely as a preference and does not constitute a contractual guarantee. All information given about sports and recreation in the ski resort and its surroundings, are sent to us by the relevant Tourist Board and is passed on for guidance. We are not responsible of activities changes or cancellations during your stay. For further information regarding the resorts, please contact directly their respective Tourist Office. Our brochures are printed out a long time in advance, therefore please check with our Reservations Department opening dates, sports equipment (type and quantity), and activities or services offered by the site

13 - Liability

We would like to bring to your attention that rentals at the residence are not within the scope of the liability of innkeepers. Therefore, the responsibility of CGH cannot be held liable for loss, theft or damage of personal effects in our homes, both in the apartments in the park or in the common areas (ski).

14 - Insurance

On your behalf, we propose Diot Montagne, multi risk Warranty contract No. 7906174. These insurances are effective the day of the booking with CGH, or at noon the next day of the payment of the premium, if the subscription is made after the reservation. They have to be purchased while booking and before the payment of the 25% deposit. If cancelled, they are non-refundable.

General conditions of sale

Our general terms and conditions of sale comply with the provisions of :
Article R. 211-12 of the French Tourism Code. In order to meet our legal terms and conditions, we will reproduce articles
R. 211-3 to R. 211-11 of said Code.
Art. R.211-3 – Any offer or sale of services mentioned in Article L. 211- 1 gives rise to the submission of appropriate documents that comply with the rules defined in this section.
Art. R.211-3-1 – The exchange of pre-contractual information or the issuing of contractual terms and conditions is carried out in writing. This may be sent by e-mail. The name or company name and address of the organiser or retailer are mentioned along with their registration number in the register provided for in Article L. 141-3 or, where applicable, the name, address and indication of registration of the federation or union mentioned in the second paragraph of Article R. 211-2.
Art. R.211-4 – Prior to the conclusion of the contract, the vendor or the retailer must provide the traveller with the following information: 1° The main features of travel services:
a) The destination(s), the itinerary and the periods of the stay, along with the dates and, where accommodation is also concerned, the number of nights included;
b) The means, characteristics and categories of transport, the locations, dates and times of departure and return, the duration and location of stopovers and connections; When the exact time is as yet unknown, the vendor or retailer will give the traveller an approximate time of departure and return;
c) The location, the main characteristics and, if necessary, the tourist category of the accommodation under the applicable rules of the destination country;
d) Meals provided;
e) Visits, day trips or other services included in the total price agreed for the contract;
f) When it is not out of context, whether the eventual travel services will be provided to the traveller as a part of a group and, in that case, if possible, the approximate size of the group;
g) When the other tourist services to be provided to the traveller depend upon efficient verbal communication, the language in which those services will be provided;
h) Information regarding knowledge of whether the journey or the holiday is, generally speaking, suitable for individuals of reduced mobility and, at the request of the traveller, specific information on the compatibility of the journey or the holiday with the needs of the traveller;
2° The legal name and the geographic address of the vendor and the retailer, as well as their telephone numbers and, if necessary, email addresses;
3° The total price including taxes and, where necessary, the charges, fees or other additional costs, or, when these cannot be accurately calculated before the conclusion of the contract, an indication regarding the type of additional costs that the traveller could still be required to pay;
4° The terms of payment, including the amount or the percentage of the price to be paid for a deposit and the payment schedule for the balance, or the financial guarantees to be paid or provided by the traveller
5° The minimum number of persons required for the trip or stay and the deadline mentioned in III of article L. 211-14 prior to the start of the trip or stay for possible termination of the contract in the event that this number is not reached;
6° General information concerning the conditions applicable in terms of passports and visa, including the approximate time required for the obtaining of visas, as well as information on the sanitary formalities of the destination country;
7° A note indicating that the traveller may cancel the contract at any time before the beginning of the journey or holiday, but will be obliged to pay the applicable cancellation fee or, where appropriate, the standard cancellation fee requested by the vendor or the retailer pursuant to I of article L. 211-14;
8° Information concerning mandatory and optional insurance to cover fees for cancellation of the journey by the traveller or the cost of assistance that covers repatriation in the event of accident, illness or death. With regard to the fixed amounts defined in point e of 2° of A of II of article L. 211-2, the organiser or retailer and the professional to whom the data is transmitted shall ensure that each of them provides, before the traveller is bound by a contract, the information set out in this article to the extent that it is relevant for the travel services they offer. The notification form by which the information detailed under the present article is brought to the attention of the traveller is set by joint decree of the minister of tourism and the minister of economy and finance. This decree specifies the minimum information to be brought to the attention of the traveller when the contract is concluded by telephone. Art. R.211-5 – Information mentioned in paragraphs 1°, 3°, 4°, 5° and 7° of article R. 211-4 and communicated to the traveller is a part of the contract and can only be altered under the conditions described under article L. 211-9.
Art. R.211-6 – The contract must include, other than the information described in article R.211-4, the following information:
1° The specific expectations of the traveller that the vendor or retailer has accepted;
2° A statement indicating that the organiser and the retailer are responsible for the proper performance of all travel services included in the contract in accordance with article L. 211-16 and that they are required to provide assistance to the traveller if he or she is in difficulty, in accordance with Article L. 211-17-1;
3° The name of the entity responsible for the protection against insolvency and their contact details including their geographic address;
4° The name, telephone number, e-mail address and, where necessary, the fax number of the local representative for the vendor or retailer, a point of contact or any other service by intermediary of which the traveller may rapidly contact the vendor or retailer and communicate with them effectively, request assistance if the traveller is in difficulty or claim any non-conformity observed during the execution of the journey or holiday;
5° A note indicating that the traveller is obliged to communicate any nonconformity that they might observe during the execution of the journey or the holiday pursuant to II of article L. 211-16;
6° When minors, unaccompanied by a parent or other authorised person travel on the basis of a contract including accommodation, information that enables direct contact with the minor or the person responsible for them on location at the minor’s holiday destination; 7° Available information on the internal handling of complaints and on the extrajudicial settlement mechanisms for disputes and, if necessary, the entity on which the professional depends and the online settlement platform for disputes provided for by EU directive no. 524/2013 of the European Parliament and Council;
8° Information regarding the right of the traveller to transfer the contract to another traveller pursuant to article L. 211-11. With regards to the packages defined under pont e of 2° of A of II of article L. 211-2, the professional to whom the data is transmitted informs the vendor or the retailer of the conclusion of the contract giving rise to the creation of a package. The professional provides them with the information necessary to enable them to fulfil their obligations as vendor. As soon as the vendor or the retailer is informed of the creation of a package, they provide the traveller, via a durable medium, with the information mentioned in points 1° to 8°.
Art. R.211-7 – The traveller may transfer their contract to a transferee who fulfils the same conditions as them in respect of taking the trip or holiday as long as the contract has not yet come into force.In the absence of more favourable specifications given to transferors, they are bound to inform the vendor or the retailer of their decision by any means enabling an acknowledgement of receipt to be received seven days before the start of the journey at the latest. This transfer is, under no circumstances, subject to prior authorisation from the vendor or the retailer.
Art. R.211-8 – If the contract includes the express possibility of a price review, within the limits provided for in article L.211-12, it shall state the exact method of calculation of upward and downward price variations, in particular the amount of transport expenses and related taxes, the currency or currencies which may have an impact on the price of the journey or holiday, the portion of the price to which the variation applies and the exchange rate of the currency or currencies used as a reference when establishing the price featured in the contract. In the case of downward variation in price, the vendor or the retailer is within their rights to deduct real administrative expenses from the refund due to the traveller. Upon request from the traveller, the vendor or the retailer will provide proof of these administrative expenses.
Art. R.211-9 – When, prior to the traveller’s departure, the vendor or the retailer is obliged to make a change to one of the basic elements of the contract, if they cannot satisfy the specific requirements cited in 1° of article R.211-6, or in the event of an upward price variation of more than 8%, they will inform the traveller in the briefest of delays, in a clear, understandable and apparent manner, via a durable medium:

1° Of proposed modifications and, where relevant, their impact on the price of the journey or the holiday;

2° Of the reasonable time period in which the traveller should inform the vendor or the retailer of his/her decision;
3° Of the consequences of the absence of a reply from the traveller within the fixed time period;
4° If necessary, the alternative proposed, along with its price. When the alterations to the contract or the alternative solution lead to a drop in quality of the journey or the holiday or of its cost, the traveller is entitled to an appropriate reduction in price. If the contract is cancelled and the traveller does not accept an alternative solution, the vendor or the retailer refunds all the payments made by the traveller or in their name within the briefest delay and in all events, within fourteen days at the most following the cancellation of the contract, without prejudice to claim damages pursuant to article L. 211- 17.
Art. R.211-10 – The organiser or the retailer proceeds with refunds due in virtue of article L.211-14 – II and III or, under I of article L.211-14, of all payments carried out by the traveller or on their behalf, minus the appropriate cancellation fee. These refunds to the benefit of the traveller will be carried out within the briefest delay and in all events, within fourteen days at the latest following cancellation of the contract.
In the events provided for under III of article L. 211-14, the supplementary compensation that the traveller is likely to receive is at least equal to the penalty that they would have been charged if the cancellation had been instigated by them at this date.
Art. R.211-11 – The assistance due by the organiser or the retailer in application of article L.211-17-1 consists of, in particular:
1° Providing useful information on health services, local authorities and consular assistance;
2° Assisting the traveller in carrying out long distance communications and in finding other travel services. The vendor or the retailer is entitled to bill a reasonable price for this assistance if the difficulty is deliberately caused by the traveller or his/her negligence. The amount billed will under no circumstances exceed the actual expenses assumed by the vendor or retailer.

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